The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed
The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed
The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed
The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed
The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed
The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed
The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed
The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed
The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed
The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed
The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed

The Giddy Goal Kit - Printed

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During a time with so much uncertainty in the air, there's no better time to get more certain around your future!

This is possible using a specialised Goal Kit to figure out what you want and how you can get there.

The only thing we ask is that you pay the small shipping at checkout so we can get your kit to you. ❤️

We are sending lots of strength and love to you during this time.

Happy Goal Setting!

Become More Confident In 2020 With The Giddy Goal Kit

Did you know you can become more confident and feel better about yourself when you achieve your goals?

Think about it, do you remember a time when you achieved your goals? How did it make you feel?

On that day, you discovered your true potential and started to believe in yourself, right? ✨

What if you could channel this feeling more often?

If you had the courage to go towards your fears, to make bolder decisions and constantly push yourself outside of your comfort incredible would you feel about yourself then? 

Imagine what your life would be like... 💭

When you achieve your goals it ignites a spark in you. Our mission is to help you turn that sparkle into your everyday feel good reality. 

Our process was inspired by the methods and ideas of some of the most successful people in the world in what they do. Only, everything we do is focused on helping young people (25yrs to 40yrs) feel better about themselves by achieving their goals.

Become a part of this community of people making a change and achieving their goals in 2020 by purchasing The Giddy Goal Kit before 2020 is underway. 🗓

What You’ll Receive 


12 Month Wall Calendar (A2 size) 

Our calendar is the biggest on the market. Big goals require big things.🎯 

12 Months Worth of Reflection and Goal Setting Sheets 

From summer to winter goals; every month matters. 📅

 Yearly Goal Setting Exercise Sheets 

Plan an amazing year. ✍🏼

Quarterly Goal Setting Sheets 

Set your goals in 90 day blocks and recharge in between.🔋






All materials are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

The Giddy Goal Kit is made from environmentally friendly materials. It can even be recycled again once you're finished with it. The material is made carbon neutral, chlorine and bleach free and has been given the tick of approval by the Forest Stewardship Council. Although recycled, the paper is still a crisp white and easy on the eye 😉. This will be delivered to your front door with no extra shipping fees in environmentally friendly packaging. 📬

Our Gift To You 

What else you get:

- Monthly accountability sessions with a top mindset coach 👆🏼

-Free 24/7 access to ask ANY goal setting questions or challenges you might have 🕐

- Early bird offers for future Giddy Up Goals products 🐦

- VIP invitations to any Australian events throughout the year 💌

- Exclusive offers on new sustainable and environmentally friendly products from Giddy Up Goals and collaborations (including, but not limited to mindset & wellness, beauty & skin care and health related). 🥳

- A guide on how to get started with your 2020 year 📄

This is valued at $197, you get it FREE with your Giddy Goal Kit.

Become a part of this exclusive community of amazing people achieving their goals in 2020 by purchasing The Giddy Goal Kit now before the 22nd of December comes around.

What Our Community Is Saying:

“Life goes on without Giddy Up's tools, but it drags... When I have my Giddy calendar on my wall I am constantly inspired! My goals are always at the top of my mind and my time is made so much more effective by concentrating on the goals that I'm going after.” - Chris

“When I heard about the Giddy Up calendar it was immediately something I knew I would use. The calendar was surprisingly fun to plan and write on, the size makes it easy to use and I love the colour, it looks great on the wall. I found when I didn't use the calendar, I was less organised, less motivated and had less accountability to do the things I wanted to. When I used the calendar I had a more clear schedule to keep to and my goals were right in front of me which I found more inspiring. I loved that my partner had one too so we could work on our goals together.” - Bec

“The calendar is really nice and simple with a great modern, sleek look! It's really great to be able to read it easily every day. It helped me keep motivated and stay accountable to my goals.” - Lia


If you believe The Giddy Goal Kit has not helped you achieve your goals within 2 months of using it, we will completely refund your purchase (including shipping).*

We aren’t just here to sell a product, we want to help you with your goals, so we will also provide you with a FREE goal setting strategy from one of our top mindset coaches valued at $79 to help you get on track with your goals and feel great about yourself in 2020. 

*Thorough use of The Giddy Goal Kit and community must be evident upon return to receive a full refund and complimentary strategy session.


Why do I need this?

When you set your goals properly and follow the right process, you increase your chances of achieving them by up to 40%. If you want to be less overwhelmed and more organised and productive in your life, your're in the right place.. By being more organised and less overwhelmed, other parts of your life become more positive too. You’ll find have more time to do the things you love with the people you love. This kit will be your accountability partner and take you from setting your goals, to believing that anything is possible.

How do I use it?

The goal kit supports you throughout your entire goal journey.  First, you find the best place to position the wall calendar (on the wall of your office, bathroom or bedroom - some people even use it on their desk).  Next, you set a 12 month goal and break this down into quarterly goals - starting with just the first 3 months of the year first (remember, we’re not trying to do more than we need to stay on track). Every month you’ll write out your goal for the month and reflect on this goal to track your progress. It’s like a fill in the gaps activity but the gaps are filled with personalised responses from you. When you purchase a goal kit, you receive a detailed step-to-step instructions on how to get the best use out of it. And don’t worry; it’s very simple to use.

How will this benefit me?

The goal kit will benefit you in a range of ways.

  1. Help declutter your thoughts and planners by bringing it all into a large and very visual wall calendar.

  2. Reduce stress and overwhelm by helping you plan out your months, preventing you from forgetting things and ensuring you have all the important stuff locked in.

  3. It will keep you accountable and disciplined towards your goals through the monthly goal setting process (you can get access to our private accountability facebook group).

  4. It will help you stay motivated throughout the year by constantly referring to your goals and tracking your progress.

  5. It is an everyday visual reminder of what you’re setting out to achieve, what you have scheduled for the month and what you have already achieved.

  6. By using this proven process, you can stay on track with your goals all year round. Only 8% of people continue with their new years goals after the 15th of January; the other 92% have already quit. We want to help you become part of that 8% and also, help the statistic grow.

How do I know if this is right for me?

- If you’ve been let down by yourself or other goal setting tools in the past

- If you’ve felt overwhelmed with setting and achieving your goals

- If you’ve missed dates or deadlines

- If you’ve fallen short on your goals and struggled to find a process that works

- If you’d like constant motivation 

- If you want more confidence

- If you’re ready for an accountability partner to help you throughout the process

We have a slight towards young women (20 to 40 years old) although many male business men still find this product very useful.

Why spend money on this and not a less expensive planner or journal?

Firstly, if you’re not going to invest in yourself, then what is worth investing in? Secondly, we believe that planners and journals are great. They are nimble enough to always have on the go and you can store all of your bits and bods in there. But they are very different to a goal setting kit. Our goal setting kits were designed to be in eyes reach everyday and big enough so that you could plan your whole month and know exactly what you’re setting out to achieve. Although it helps you stay on track with daily tasks, it’s more about the overall goal you are trying to achieve and how everyday life fits into that. We actually think that the goal kit and a planner or journal compliment one another quite well. The Giddy Goal Kit really excels at helping you paint those giant audacious goals and overall vision of what you're trying to achieve and making sure you’re on track throughout the year. Whereas a journal or notepad can help with the day to day activities (even though a goal setting kit can do this too). There’s also no other kit of this kind on the internet. In terms of something that’s visually appealing, big enough to fit everything, a wall calendar based around your goals, a goal setting process AND made from recycled materials…The Giddy Goal Kit is unique. We also really care about the environment. A lot of other company’s selling paper-based products do not use recycled paper which means every time we purchase from them, our forests are suffering. Not to mention the plastic packaging they are using to seal the products. As we all know, our planet has a severe plastic pollution problem - we ensure no plastic is used on our products. From packing to delivery. Even our stickers and sticky tape are biodegradable.

How will I use The Giddy Goal Kit?

The goal setting kit was originally designed to stick to your wall, in your study, bedroom, living room, somewhere that visually reminds you of your goals and helps you stay motivated and accountable. We’ve used sticky tape to lightly hang it on the wall and it’s worked a treat (other alternatives could be blue tac, clips and string or hooks) We’ve also had people sticking it on the back of their wardrobe door and bathroom door. If you don’t want it on your wall, you can also use it on your desk. Really, you can use it  however you like. We also sell a digital version of the goal kit which can be used on your phone or laptop.

Who is this for?

Absolutely anybody wanting to achieve a goal, reach their full potential, become more organised, become less overwhelmed, become more confident and happier to be around and the list goes on. A goal setting kit can help you achieve things you never deemed possible. This is for anybody trying to achieve a goal in their professional or personal life.

How will I keep this organised?

The giddy goal kit is delivered in an A2 size box which is perfect for storing your used or yet to be used goal setting sheets. 

Am I killing trees by buying this product?

Absolutely not. One of our core values at Giddy Up Goals is doing our part for the environment. In the making of the Giddy Goal Kit we went to the extra effort of finding a supplier that will print our product on 100% recycled paper. Our paper is made chlorine and bleach free and is even carbon neutral! It can also be recycled again once you’re finished with it. The stickers and sticky tape on the outside of the package are biodegradable too. Oh, and not to forget, we also pledge to plant a tree for every kit purchased.

Who is Giddy Up Goals?

Giddy Up Goals is that friend you’ve always needed in your life but struggled to find. We’re the supportive friend that will always have your back and congratulate you on the wins, that will help you to stay motivated on the challenging days and will push you when we know you’re not reaching your potential.  We built Giddy Up Goals to fill the missing link that women and men really need to achieve their goals - a process with accountability and visual motivation. We noticed this product didn’t really exist just when we needed it so we decided to create it ourselves.


Your product will be sent to your chosen address for FREE (Australia wide). Depending on where you are in Australia regular shipping will take between 5-10 business days. This is not an overseas product. It is produced right here in Aus. If you’d like your package to arrive earlier, choose express shipping at checkout, this will take between 1-5 business days to arrive. Your package will be delivered to you in environmentally friendly packaging. Any products that do not arrive within 15 business days for standard shipping and 10 days for express shipping will be re-sent. Any damaged products delivered to you (they will be sent in 100% condition when it leaves us however we have no control of the postal system unfortunately), will be either fully refunded or re-sent.